Add innovative entertainment to your events

Technology to deliver your message.

Innovation at the service of your events. The IDEEXO team has imagined a catalog of innovative animations which are always more immersive to provide you with unlimited innovative experiences.

A trade show, a seminar, an awards show, a team-building, a commercial animation, a street-marketing action, our technologies meet all your needs.

Varied and innovative experiences


Robot animations, virtual reality experiences, a fun approach to 3D printing


Creative workshops (introduction to graffiti or team fresco creation), drone or robots choreographies


Personalized escape games, inter-company challenges or collaborative experiences

Why use innovative entertainment during your event?

Fighting isolation with collective activities

Repositioning people at the center of relationships

Challenging the team spirit 

Changing your point of view on everyday life

Giving another brand image to your company

Why position a robot at a trade show or professional event ?

To energize an event, a robot can prove to be a quality ally. An event robot, a humanoid robot, a reception robot or even a cocktail server robot can be excellent tools to transform your event.

The event robot makes it possible to give a futuristic image to your trade show, seminar or conference. For example, a reception robot is an excellent host to welcome your guests. In addition, a drink maker robot on your stand remains a unique animation that marks the mind of your audience.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our robots friends.

Our animations are thought to immerse the spectator in a new experience. Innovative experience is the heart of our know-how. In addition, our goal is to make your event as remarkable as possible. That said, the innovative animations on this site were produced by professionals, we wholeheartedly advise you to try them out at home.

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